Reduce your carbon footprint and make your properties more accessible and attractive. 

Research suggests that employees that cycle to work are less stressed, more productive, and more focused. By showing you think of these talented people, you as a senior property manager can gain a competitive edge when attracting tenants in high-tech and forward-looking industries.

But let's look beyond avid cyclists – micromobility is becoming the preferred solution for everyone due to increased congestion and limited car parking options that make every day a huge hassle. We get locked into our tight boxes and as a result, discover fewer things around us.

The desire to move is universal. The question is – do you provide the infrastructure to make it possible? With Bikeep you can.


Employers say workers who cycle are 89% more energized than others. Additonally, employees who cycle to work are more likely to be on time, perform better in their roles and save employers money, a survey has suggested.. (Source)

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Bikeep is a technologically advanced bike station system that provides unmatched security and a comfortable place where your tenants and their employees can lock up their bike and be ready for the day ahead.

Benefits for Office Buildings:

  • Offer cool and innovative amenity
  • Fight their bike theft problems
  • Offer secured bike parking as required by law (in some states)
  • Stop people from bringing bikes into the office
  • Free up some car parking spaces by getting more people to cycle
  • Promote cycling
Bike Racks for Office Buildings