The best way to enhance campus security & accessibility in one go.

A majority of students, faculty and staff would choose cycling as their mode of transport if sufficient cycling infrastructure is present. Bike theft, the No. 1 type of crime on campuses, also discourages students from cycling.

Installing Bikeep on campus encourages cycling to and from university and provides the maximum comfort for the owner knowing their bike is securely locked up.

Universities very often lead the way when it comes to innovative green solutions, and Bikeep is a simple and effective initiative that can be utilized immediately.


Bike theft is the No. 1 type of crime on campuses. It is an opportunistic crime – the more securely you lock your bike the less prone it is for theft.


A four-year student cyclist has a 53% chance of losing their bicycle during their studies


25% of stolen bikes are used to commit a more serious crime.

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Benefits for Campuses:

  • Fight their bike theft problems
  • Make bike parking more decent and structured
  • Promote cycling in general
  • Integrate with your student ID card system
  • Make people use more bikes rather than cars
Bike Racks for Campuses