Solve bike thefts with a single step and at scale with Bikeep.

Bike thefts at railway and metro stations are skyrocketing across the globe. Conventional bike parking stations storing hundreds of bikes insecurely with poor hardware and monitoring are a thief´s paradise.

No public transit authority has the time and money to continuously solve issues related to bike thefts. We created Bikeep to take care of this problem for you.


YoY rise in bike thefts at UK railway stations with conventional bike parking. (Source: BBC)

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See how the Bikeep system works for San Francisco metro system.

One of the Bikeep stations for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) at 16th Street in San Francisco.

Benefits for Railway Stations:

Bikeep can be integrated with local transit cards to make life easier for your commuters as they can use the same cards for bike parking as they use on board of the trains.

  • Fight against bike theft in their stations
  • Promote people to leave their bikes in the station instead of carrying it along to the train
  • Promote cycling in general
  • Increase usage of their access/transportation cards
  • Get data and control on bike parking
Railway station bike rack

Evolving micromobility infrastructure

Canadian TransLink installs secure smart bike lockers

What are some of the examples of using Bikeep do we have?