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A railway station is perhaps one of the places that most benefits from secure bike stations. Using sophisticated technology, Bikeep provides the means by which bikes can be safely locked up at railway stations, and are a crucial element of any town’s bicycle infrastructure. Bikeep can be integrated with local transit cards so that cyclist uses the same card for parking as they use on board of the trains.

Benefits for Railway Stations:

  • Fight against bike theft in their stations
  • Promote people to leave their bikes in the station instead of carrying it along to the train
  • Promote cycling in general
  • Increase usage of their access/transportation cards
  • Get data and control on bike parking

The simple yet advanced bike station system makes life easy for cyclists and leads to a more productive and ecologically friendly area.

Bay Area Rapid Transit station

See how the Bikeep system works for San Francisco metro system.

One of the Bikeep stations for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) at 16th Street in San Francisco.