Smart And Secure Personal Bike Parking Stations

All public Bikeep stations in one app with countless possibilities. Download the app now for free.

Multiple parking sessions

Add multiple bicycles to the station in one go.

Booking opportunity  

Book any available spot right on your way to it.

Available globally

Use the Bikeep App wherever you are.

Favorites or nearest firsts

Favorite or nearby stations right at your fingertips.

Download The Bikeep App

And Make Sure Your Bike Is Safe

How to park your bike with the Bikeep app?

Use the Bikeep app to lock and unlock your bike in just a few quick taps.

Find a station

Find the nearest station in your area on the map.

Scan the QR code

Scan the QR on the rack to start parking.

Choose a spot

Choose a free spot and wait until the signal.

Lock your bike

Move your bike into the rack and easily lock it.

Find A Nice Place To Park Your Bicycle

Download the Bikeep App and find the nearest parking station