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We have an ambitious plan with our team, join us in our journey 

Micro-mobility will be 10X automobility volume in number of vehicles sold by 2030 and  50X automobility volume by 2050

When our vehicles change then our cities need to change.

Bikeep is growing!

  • Our 5 year CAGR is 55%
  • Our 3 year CAGR is 60%
  • YoY result with near profitability is a 40% growth
  • Out net loss in 2023 was 6% of our revenue, figure that is easy to turn when needed

We have already many global networks initiated!

Bikeep is fundraising for further growth! We have some amazing opportunities ahead to repeat the growth model & we’re onboarding new investors. Leave us Your contact so we could share further information with You!