Security at it’s best

A Bikeep bike locker will protect your bike from bad people and bad weather. It is made of solid metal construction with thin perforated sheets between modules. You can add new or remove old whenever you wish. Custom shape allows you to create a beautiful architectural design by combining modules. You can choose the locking method that suits you the most. It can be a Bikeep lock that is opened with mobile app or RFID card. Or if you desire something easier it can be with keyed lock or numeric lock.


Choose your locking method:
Mobile app
Regular key lock


Distress signals can be forwarded to a local security service


Modular design. Add new lockers and features anytime.

Metal bike lockers are a perfect outdoor bicycle storage solution.

A bike locker is the perfect solution for long term parking. You can leave your bike for weeks and maybe even throughout a cold winter.

The galvanized and powder coated structure is long lasting in any environment. A Bikeep locker provides a long lasting solution.

Contact us and we will find you the most suitable solution.