Bike Lockers

The best way to store bikes or pretty much anything
securely and with truly innovative access solutions

Metal bike lockers

Bikeep’s lockers are a perfect storage solution

Made for long term bike parking and storage of belongings for properties where space is at a premium. Your users can leave their bikes or belongings for weeks and maybe even throughout a cold winter.

Create a storage solution that stands out with its beauty
The customizable modular shape allows you to create a beautiful architectural design by combining modules.

Showcase your innovativeness
Besides conventional locking solutions, you can add unlocking via a mobile app or a RFID card.

Offer paid bike parking or storage as a service
Build up your business by adding a reservation capability, charging a fee for storage or enabling 24/7 exclusive access for a fee.

Solar or battery powered stations enable easy installs

Putting up a station no longer requires pavement opening or complicated electricity work.

Access control and abandoned bike identification

Registered users can be easily contacted and requested to collect their property.

Enables E-bike charging

The electric bicycle market is growing rapidly. Bikeep not only stores the bike but enables battery re-charging as well.

Enables paid bike parking

A bike locker can be reserved in advance for an extra fee and is always available for premium users.

Let your brand shine bright!

Bikeep smart bike lockers have a custom coloring as an option. Choose whatever fits your brand identity best!

Acts as bike rental device

Online control over individual lockers and opening with code enables easy renting and borrowing of bikes.

The most secure bike locker in class

Industry-leading security

The bike locker ensures safe storing for the bike, for the removable details and protects it from the weather.

Fast and convenient to use bike lockers

Fast and easy locking

Bikeep integrates with existing systems through RFID/FNC/swipe cards and with a mobile application.

Technical Data & Files

Bike locker measurements