Dero Smart Bike Lockers

One of the most secure ways to park and charge your bike long term

“Power by Bikeep” Smart Locker, Secure parking in any condition

Finely tuned and developed smart locker for our customers, made for longer term bike parking. No need for clumsy keys, the locker is opened and closed through the Bikeep app, may it be a transit or an employee/student card of your choice.

  • no need for physical keys
  • elegant design
  • e-bike charging (optional)
  • internet connected
  • remote control for user management
  • rectangular shape

How the Smart Locker works?

With the growing popularity of e-bikes, smart solutions for their storage and charging need to be provided as a part of micromobility infrastructure. With our partners at Dero and end-users, we have developed a new “Powered by Bikeep” Smart Bike Locker that helps to save space and frees you of physical keys and headaches. Gives you necessary data on usage and helps with planning your next infrastructure additions.

Access control and abandoned bike identification

Registered users can be easily contacted and requested to collect their property, real time active monitoring.

Smart solution-no need for physical keys

Bikeep Smart Lockers can be opened with the Bikeep App and allowlisted RFID cards. Save time and manpower resources by managing everything online.

E-bike charging

The electric bicycle market is growing rapidly. Bikeep not only stores the bike but enables e-bike charging as well.

Advanced security

The Bikeep Smart Lockers ensure safe bike storing and protects it from the elements.

Seamless Bike Parking

Bikeep integrates with existing systems through Bikeep App, allowlisted contactless cards (RFID/NFC) or API.

Technical Data & Files

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CAD Files
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