Municipal Bike Racks for Public Areas

Bike Racks For Railway StationsRailway Stations
Municipal Bike Racks For Public AreasMunicipalities
Bike Racks For Shopping CentersShopping Centers
Bike Racks For Commercial And Office BuildingsOffice Buildings
Bike Racks For BanksBanks
Bike Racks For Apartment BuildingsApartment Buildings
Bike Racks For CampusesCampuses
Bike Racks For CinemasCinemas

Cycling is becoming an increasingly common method of transport for many eco and health conscious individuals, but much depends on the facilities available through efforts made by the municipality. Do you want fewer cars on the street and healthier habits for your citizens? If so, it would be wise to do everything you can to support cycling.

Benefits for Municipalities:

  • Significantly Reduce healthcare costs in a long run
  • Lower the costs of infrastructure
  • Collect data on bike parking and cyclist amount/movement
  • Increase cycling traffic
  • Solve bike theft problems
  • Automate existing bike parking facilities
  • Provide service for citizen satisfaction
  • Increase usage of their municipal cards (integration with Bikeep)

Bikeep is an advanced bike station that utilizes the latest technology and security systems in order to provide a flawless lockup for bikes. Installed in a municipality, Bikeep provides a key component of a smooth and practical bicycle infrastructure.

Smart commercial bike racks at US Legacy Partners
“Investments in cycling, especially in urban areas, bring about many advantages for society as a whole. Studies show that every euro invested in cycling creates 8 euros in return.”