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Fixing docks to the ground

Wedge anchors
Ground plates

To install Bikeep racks without installation plates, the same methodology is used as to fix regular bike racks. Four Wedge anchors attach each Bikeep rack to the ground.  You’ll need to drill about 2-3 inch into the ground.

Installation plates enable to minimize groundwork necessary, although we still recommend attaching installation plates to the ground they need only a couple of drill holes per whole station.  For a 10 rack Bikeep station that without installation plates would require 40 drill holes 3 inches each, installation plates only require 4-6 drill holes with a depth of 1,5 inch.

Electrical requirements

The electric wire should be brought to the location of outermost Bikeep parking dock. From the first dock the electricity will be distributed to all other docks by Bikeep dock-to-dock cables that come with the Bikeep stations.

Bikeep requires 230V/110V AC or 24V DC, 4.2 Amp. and a regular 10 rack bike station consumes around 15-25Wh. (Similar like your DVD player at home).

Compliance with RFID

Bikeep RFID readers are operating in the 13.56 MHZ frequency range with read/write capability and ISO 14443 compliance.

Bikeep measurements/layout options

Bikeep station extra's

Custom colors

Brand the station to match your identity.

Solar panel

No need for external power source.

Installation plates

Does not need any ground works – easy to relocate.

Advertising/information panel

Generate extra revenue from outdoor advertisments

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