An opportunity to build healthier and more sustainable environments that attract buyers and tenants.

A lot of people prefer a bicycle as their main means of transportation. People that use cycling for commuting are less stressed, more productive, and more focused. Plus it’s more environmentally friendly, which is a big argument for a growing number of people.

Installing Bikeep’s smart commercial bike racks to your apartment buildings is a great opportunity to raise property values, offer an unique amenity in high demand and to brand yourself as a provider of modern living space.


Bike infrastructure a 100x better return on money invested in health of residents than health treatments like dialysis. Researchers who looked at cycle infrastructure in New York found that every $1,300 spent on it could equate to an additional quality-adjusted life year, or QALY, for every one of the city’s residents.

By contrast, the authors showed that a health treatment like dialysis costs $129,000 for one QALY. (Source)

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Unfortunately for a lot of people, especially the ones living in an apartment, storing a bicycle isn’t nearly as convenient as using one, they simply don’t have a storage space.

Bikeep solves the problem with the smart commercial bike rack. The rack utilizes the latest technology to ensure maximum security – it secures the bikes from the wheel and frame and can be locked using a mobile phone or swipe card. Unlike the regular bike racks, it has built in security alarm and stress signals, so it can be used for long-term bike parking. If preferred the racks can be made usable by specific people only, such as your tenants. Limiting the access is a great way to make your tenants feel special, people love exclusivity.

Bike racks in building garage
Outdoor Bike Racks for Apartment Buildings and Complexes

Benefits for Apartment Buildings:

  • Fight their bike theft problems
  • Stand out from other buildings and attract tech-savvy tenants
  • Avoid bikes in the apartments
  • Make bike parking more decent and structured