Cyclists visit entertainment centers significantly more frequently.

When a cyclist goes to the cinema, they want the biggest thrill to be the movies they see. They don’t want to have to deal with the adrenaline of worrying whether their bikes are safe or not.

With Bikeep installed, cyclists can securely store their bikes while they enjoy watching a movie. Bikeep opens your doors to a wider audience and keeps the eco-friendly traveler happy for the duration.


Cyclists visit restaurants, cinemas and entertainment centers 25% more regularly than users of other modes of transports and all together spend more than all other commuters except those that live near enough to walk. (Source)

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Benefits for Cinemas:

  • Attract more cyclist to their location
  • Offer their visitors peace of mind
  • Free up space from indoor bike rooms
  • Offer amenity to their workers
Safe Bike Racks for Banks