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Smart bike parking docks

As bike thefts, congestion and land values all continue to increase intelligent bike parking systems are becoming a necessary part of any city official’s or property manager’s strategic planning.

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Leading-edge e-scooter stations

The best way not only to clear streets of clutter but to get people from A to B in short distances and add new value to your existing infrastructure and services.

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Our unique strengths

Why we are a great partner for sustainable infrastructure projects

Advanced electronics
We build our electronics in-house to guarantee the reliability and security of smart features.

A clear API
All of our main products can be integrated with your existing services or new apps.

Easy to maintain
Thanks to well thought out modular design maintenance and replacements are easy.

Create your own business models or add new revenue streams on top of our products.

Customize our products with your colors and brand. Stand out and promote your organization.

High-grade hardware
We use high-quality metals to improve the durability of our products to handle any weather.

Bike and micromobility infrastructure

A comprehensive offering of cycling infrastructure