Electric scooter

Electrifying in every sense of the word

Are you determined to tame the disarray that e-scooters can bring? Great. We are too.

Bikeep provides excellent options to run a small A-A rental scheme where users return the e-scooters to the same location or a larger A-n rental scheme where users can leave their e-scooters to any other docking station.

Docking stations will solve

  • No scooter is ever left blocking the way of right for others
  • E-scooters are always fully charged
  • No costly re-distribution efforts needed.

Are your facilities ready to welcome the micromobility users?

Personal e-scooters are banned from indoors. At the same time, people have started to use more and more of them therefore the buildings who wish to still welcome the micromobility users need to provide some parking and re-charging options for them.

Real-time API
See if scooters are locked, unlocked or charging.

Adjustable height
Fit different models and types of scooters.

Optional sleeve add-on
Ensure connectivity and device safety.

Manage your scooters your way and integrate with your services.

Our philosophy is your scooters, your Bikeep. You can build your workflows based on whether scooters are locked, unlocked or charging. Why? Because we believe that at the heart of innovation lies collaboration.

Book a brief introductory call to explore how Bikeep’s scooter station can help you.

Free consultation

Instantly useful and practical

See how you can use Bikeep to solve problems and create new business

Paid e-scooter rental 
Integrate with our API to build your own paid business model: charge for rentals or even for parking itself.

Free e-scooter rental
Start a free e-scooter rental use only for people who work or study on your campus or live in your properties or city.

Get your community to move
Are people constantly crumbling about how long it takes from their parking spot to their office or to lunch?

Gain valuable data
Collect data about the movement of people in your city, campus or between properties in a privacy-friendly manner.

Personal Scooter Station datasheet
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