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Smart Bicycle Rack (0:58)

Bikeep increased security at BART (1:39)

Bikeep user case in San Francisco (1:32)

Bikeep launched in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (2:17)

Bikeep launched in Aachener, Germany (1:22)

ABC7 News reporting on Bikeep’s launch in Washington DC

Bikeep smart locker is the first locker that does not require a physical key

Bikeep smart bike docks come with e-bike charging

What are some of the examples of different ways of using Bikeep do we have?

ABC7 News reporting on Bikeep launch in San Francisco

Bikeep Bike Theft experiment (3:11)

Bikeep for business owner (1:32)

Using Bikeep E-charging rack

How to use Bikeep

Scooter Station solving E-scooter parking for retail centers

Bikeep in Lahti, Finland

Bikeep station based scooter rental for campuses

Bikeep scooter station for internal rental system

Bikeep scooter rental station for Meriton Hotel

Bikeep stations in Sweden’s leading retail company ICA Gruppen

Bikeep scooter rental station benefits

Swedish largest retail shop chain ICA Gruppen explains why they needed Bikeep

Commercial real estate success story: Ülemiste City