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Bikeep is the easiest way to organize secure bike parking

Bikeep is the leading smart commercial bike parking provider in the world. We simplify bike parking by providing full service for municipalities, transit companies, business owners and properties.

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We solve your bike theft problem. No bike has ever been stolen from Bikeep.

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Bikeep integrates with existing systems (local transportation or access card).

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Simple upkeep

Do not worry about the maintenance, helpline or installation. We do it for you!

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Customers who arrive by automobile spend the most per visit across all of the establishments, but cyclists spend the most per month. As a business owner/manager you can use Bikeep to draw in the cycling traffic.

Report on Bikeep

ABC7 News reporting on Bikeep

BART Pilot program aims to cut bike theft at San Francisco stations, ABC7 News went down there to see whether it’s working.

Bikes parked safely with Bikeep racks
Smart commercial bike racks at US Legacy Partners
Bikeep bike racks and bicycle shelters at railway station.
Bike racks in winter and covered with snow
Social experiment

How easy it is to actually steal a bike?

We went out to steal a bike parked to a public area using a traditional bike parking rack and the most common cable lock to see how people on the streets would react if they saw a bike thief stealing bikes using pipe cutters.

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