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Prevent thefts with high quality hardware and smart integrations


Bikeep integrates with existing systems (local transportation or access card)

Simple upkeep

We handle installation, maintanance and helpline for you


Over 1M+ happy regular users across 3 continents and growing fast

Proven and reliable

Make your infrastructure sustainable and effortless

Bikeep is the leading smart commercial bike parking provider in the world. We solve big infrastructure problems with tailored micromobility solutions for municipalities, transit companies, commercial and residential properties.

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As a manager you can use Bikeep to overcome important challenges. One of them is attracting cyclists as your customers as they are an increasingly desirable demographic. Cyclists spend the most accumulatively per month when compared with other commuters and are amongst the most proactive tenants and residents.

View how Bikeep partners with BART in San Francisco

With BART, what was initially a pilot program aimed to cut bike theft at San Francisco stations has now grown to scale across the city. See how ABC7 News highlighted the cooperation in its early days.


Micromobility solutions







Be Purposeful

Gain a powerful new perspective on how bike & micromobility infrastructure are one of the best ways of meeting your sustainability goals

Smart commercial bike racks at US Legacy Partners
Railway station bike rack
Outdoor bike racks for winter
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