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Reducing your carbon footprint is a must. However, sustainability projects face a lot of challenges – initiatives run over budget, don't achieve their goals and state-of-the-art products go underutilized.

At Bikeep we have thought a lot about this lately and as a result, we came up with solutions that drive true change, are cost-effective and can be tailored to your operational and strategic needs.

We help you be more sustainable in a disciplined and a cost-effective manner

24x ROI

You get 24x Return on Investment with cycling infrastructure solutions like Bikeep when including reduced congestion and additional health benefits. (Source)

5x ROI

You get 5x Return on Investment as reported by the Queensland government even without taking into account reduced congestion and additional health benefits. (Source)

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Solve persistent, underlying problems with a proven and clear process

We first uncover your deep-founded infrastructure problems. Secondly, we tailor our solution to solve them. After the implementation, we keep working – bringing new insights and improvements to your team.

A sample of organizations just like yours making a big impact globally with Bikeep:

13/08/2020 in In the News, New Installations

Bikeep cooperation with Radisson Hotel Group

Estonian media is fascinated by the new concept of e-scooter rental services created by Bikeep and Radisson Hotel Group. Discovering Tallinn, while staying in Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Hotel, has never been easier and…
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13/08/2020 in In the News, New Installations

First ever Bikeep Scooter Rental Station in Radisson Meriton hotel

Bikeep Scooter Rental stations are the best solution for keeping our streets clean of randomly placed e-scooters. First rental station is up and running in Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn…
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26/05/2020 in In the News, New Installations

Bikeep used as a platform for an e-bike charging network in New Zealand

Build your innovative business and strengthen your brand with our platform just like Big Street Bikers did with Locky Docks. "Wellington City Councillor Tamatha Paul is putting forward an amendment for the council to approve a series…
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24/09/2019 in New Installations

Bicycle parking in Lahti, Finland is now safer and easier

During European Mobilty week, citizens of Lahti got to try the new Bikeep bicycle parking solution. Cyclists were offered morning coffee and guidance on using the bicycle racks with a bus card. Safer bicycle parking…
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16/09/2019 in New Installations

The first installation of Bikeep in Wallonia

On the initiative of the Alliance Center BW business association (and with the help of the City of Ottignies and the LLN Science Park), a new installation of Bikeep has just been inaugurated on September…
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01/08/2019 in In the News, New Installations

APAG introduces bike parking as a service in Aachen

APAG, the leading parking services provider in Germany partnered with Bikeep to offer bike parking as a service to its clients alongside the conventional car parking solutions it offers. "We are pleased that with this…
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29/03/2019 in New Installations

Brussels leaves bicycle thieves no chance with Bikeep

Bikeep is helping to eliminate bicycle theft in Brussels. Strong locking arm, loud alarm and stress signals leave no chance for bike thieves. Brussels cyclists can relax now and keep enjoying wonderful Belgian coffee and…
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19/02/2019 in New Installations

Dublin is fighting against bike theft with the best means possible

Bikeep is happy to announce that it has launched its pilot project for Dublin City Council today in cooperation with The Civic Group. The first pilot station is installed in Dublin's smart city testbed -…
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16/10/2018 in New Installations

Solar powered e-bike parking in Auckland, New Zealand

Our partner in New Zeland, Big Street Bikers held a grand opening of their new installation. As EVtalk reports: Auckland Big Street Bikers’ second solar-powered electric bike Rechargery has been officially opened by Auckland councillor…
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09/05/2018 in New Installations

Bikeep makes life easier for Swiss cyclists

Safer Geneva in cooperation with Bikeep! Read more in French...
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09/05/2018 in In the News, New Installations

Bikeep helps to reduce bike theft in Switzerland

Over 35,000 bicycles are stolen in Switzerland every year and only 2.2% of complaints are resolved by the police. Bikeep will help with that problem. Read more in French...
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26/07/2017 in In the News, New Installations

Next step in Bikeep agenda, eliminate bike theft in UK!

Bikeep, the company building smart and secure bike racks, is expanding its Zero Theft Bike Rack to the UK market. Already proven its racks security in the US and Northen Europe without any bike thefts…
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03/07/2017 in In the News, New Installations

Pilot program aiming for success in the Bay Area

In San Francisco, bikes on trains have been a big issue for a long time, but so is bike theft. A brand new pilot program at the 16th and Mission safely parks your bike with…
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23/06/2017 in New Installations

Personal and free bicycle parking now available in San Francisco

Bikeep, the Estonian startup that builds smart and secure bike racks, has announced the first pilot station installation for the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to reduce bike theft at its stations. Read…
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22/06/2017 in In the News, New Installations

San Francisco’s New Bike Racks Are Self-Aware

Bike theft is a huge problem at San Francisco Bay Area BART stations. Bikeep is here to help reduce that problem. Read more...
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02/05/2017 in New Installations

Bikeep opens up a new solar-powered station in sunny SF

Bikeep, the company building smart bike racks to reduce bike theft, today announced the installation of a new station in front of one of the biggest fitness centers in San Francisco. The new solar-powered station will be…
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11/04/2017 in In the News, New Installations

Bikeep launched electric bike charging for smart bicycle racks

During Tallinn Innovation Day Bikeep introduced the solution of smart bicycle rack that provides electric bicycle charging.  "Electric bikes are a fast developing trend and we have to be accompanied with it. Starting from today…
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