Bikeep smart bike parking station is now available at the shopping center “Galerija Centrs” in Riga. The station is equipped with several safety features: a 24-hour surveillance camera, reinforced metal bar, alarm signal, and others.

“We want to provide our visitors with the highest possible level of comfort, so they don’t have to worry about their bicycle when visiting the shopping center, because the vehicle is safe in the smart bike parking station. We believe that cyclists and shopping center visitors appreciate such innovative solutions, which help to develop the bicycle infrastructure, as well as encourage companies and service providers to think more about friendly solutions in the development of the urban environment. We are pleased to develop the city’s infrastructure and introduce innovations in shopping center services,” says Sanita Krieger, manager of Galerija Centrs.

The First Smart Bike Parking Station Has Been Installed In Latvia

In Latvia, Bikeep represents, a smart urban technology company.

Read the full article in Latvian HERE.

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