Make cyclist fall in love with you :)

Protect their ride while they'r with you

Bikeep is like a magnet of cyclist

Install it and they start to arrive


Most secure bike rack


Super easy locking


Integrate EV-Charge

Bikeep is the most secure way to lock your bike on the street.

1 100 000

Happy users

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted solution providers on the market. Read more below to find out how you can benefit from the installation of Bikeep.


Personal bike locking

Enables to lock the frame and the wheel of the bicycle.

Bike Share

Platform to set up mini- or large scale bike share program.

E-bike charging

Always get a freshly loaded E-bike from the station.

Custom solutions

Modular design helps to provide custom solutions. Just ask.


"We would like to make our clients` life as easy as possible. That`s why we chose Bikeep."

− Ivar Pinsel, Shopping Center Manager

"I love the bike racks, they look awesome! The system is really simple to use and works perfectly to fit our needs, thank you so much."

− Danielle Smith, Marketing Administrator Legacy Partners

"Bikeep parking station on my worksite makes daily cycling very convenient as I don`t have to carry around a heavy bike lock."

− Meelis Peerna, National Audit Office of Estonia

"I recommend Bikeep to everyone who wishes to make cyclists` life safer and easier.
Our shopping center and its visitors are very pleased."

− Guido P√§rnits, √úlemiste Center, CEO

"With Bikeep we saw an opportunity to make our clients` lives more comfortable.
It is important to support activities that enable us to sustain environment and promote healthy lifestyle."

− Aivar Rehe, Danske Bank Estonia CEO

"Bikeep is the only one to whom I trust my precious bike."

− Mike, member of the national cyclist association

Social Experiment

How easy it actually is to steal a bike? Have a look…

It is easy as