The City of Tallinn installed weatherproof and safe private bicycle lockers in several public transport stops for public and free use. The installation took place in early April, just in time for one of the most exciting seasons regarding micromobility. This year an unseen booming effect can be expected since Tallinn might have its first “cycling only” lanes in the center of the city.

Tallinn is striving towards a smarter, safer and cleaner urban environment. The infrastructure developing locker project is one of many helping urban commuters choose healthier and more sustainable means of transportation.

“We see the change in the behaviours of commuters and want to support it from the city’s side. During the last years, people have been able to work where and when they choose, which means there has gradually been less and less need for cars. Another issue has been the safety of people health-wise during the pandemic. More people prefer other or mixed modals of transportation in order to shorten the time spent in public transport or exclude the need for it generally. The mixed modal of bike/bus transit is something we want to encourage for we see this as a massive opportunity to minimise cars in the center of the city,” Toomas Türk, Head of Future City the City of Tallinn says.

During the pandemic, behavioral changes include isolation as well as fear to a certain amount, which has affected people’s mental health and the sense of security very significantly. Cycling has an arousing effect on a person’s mood, cardiovascular health and is not passive (like driving a car is). While cycling, the cyclist has all senses activated, which improves the overall mood, helps to experience the surroundings in a more active way, leading to better cognitive abilities. 

Only 30 minutes of cycling improves overall wellbeing significantly. Another interesting aspect is the sense of community, which is proven to improve as well: cyclists feel a great sense of belonging, whereas car drivers don’t. Cyclists greet and meet more friends, stop at cafes and restaurants, can interact safely with each other or with an acquaintance they notice while getting to their destination.

For a greener and safer city, sustainable means of transport need to be encouraged. Cycling mixed with bus/tram/train or any other public transportation mode is the best way of reducing carbon footprint, the number of cars in the city center and eventually to create an environment meant for families and people instead of cars. 

Kristjan’s Lind, Bikeep CEO said that “Just like in the Netherlands, the cycling capital of the world,  change came with people taking the initiative and the government supporting it with its policies. Tallinn has taken major steps towards improving and enabling micromobility in its center. Generally, a rather car-centric approach that has led to high congestion, fewer parks and places for free time activities in the urban areas, has been changed by new innovative and sustainable ways of which we all can be proud. It took the Netherlands over 40 years to change its car-centric approach. Finally, we are also heading this way.”.

Bikeep lockers are opened via key or Bikeep app, they do not require a physical key. With various possibilities for bike-sharing systems, rental systems and other smart ways, the admin console is one of the major advantages Bikeep lockers have. The administration panel is entirely controlled by the client, making ways of using the locker, endless. Bikeep lockers have e-bike charging, are designed in cooperation with architects and top-industry experts, have been installed during a short period of time already in three countries and stand out with their durability, design and countless ways of use from administrative point of view.




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