The lockers are strategically placed to provide safe and weatherproof bike parking for mixed modals of transit. 

In recent years, municipalities have seen a great influx of new micromobility vehicles like bikes, e-bikes, scooters. It has been a preferred method of commuting to train stations in both urban and rural areas. One of the greatest benefits of micromobility might lie in the mixed modal of transit: bike to the train station, leave your bike there, take the train and proceed either by public transportation, shared scooter/bike rental system or by foot. This excludes the need for a car entirely, is better for the environment and keeps trains free of bikes that would take up space and be an inconvenience to other passengers.

When researched, the majority of people said to prefer this transit method to expensive and unhealthy cars. Now that people are traveling more consciously, the new transit methods are even more welcomed by commuters all over the world.

Why train-bike transit method is particularly important is that it connects short and longer distances enabling to neglect cars from the equation. A good example comes from the Netherlands, where over half of the train trips start with bikes. The Netherlands problems are not unique and their solutions shouldn’t be either.

Those bikes need a place to park while they wait for their owner to return. Bikeep smart lockers provide a safe parking space surrounded from all sides, opened with a transit card, Bikeep app or any other RFID (contactless) card you wish.

“Why the train station was a priority place for our project is the example we see from other cities that work great! People start using more bikes when they come to the station instead of their cars, which are a bottleneck for the entrance area during drop-off and pick-up times. Also the micromobility boom has proven to increase the commuter number who wish to have the solution at hand. We are more than happy to provide it for them,” Toomas Türk, Head of Future City the City of Tallinn says.

Imagine a future city, where your children go out to play and feel safe, where the majority of trips are made by bikes, scooters and other micromobility vehicles. 

Bikeep lockers are opened via key or Bikeep app, they do not require a physical key. With various possibilities for bike sharing systems, rental systems and other smart ways, the admin console is one of the major advantages Bikeep lockers have. The administration panel is entirely controlled by the client, making ways of using the locker, endless. Bikeep lockers have e-bike charging, are designed in cooperation with architects and top-industry experts, have been installed during a short period of time already in three countries and stand out with their durability, design and countless ways of use from administrative point of view.




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