Do you need to protect your bike from harsh weather conditions? What is the best solution for challenging areas, where bike details like the saddle, rear wheel, or other elements get stolen? How to protect your bike against vandalism? What are the best ways to ensure peace of mind to high-end bike owners? The maximum-security comes when all the details of your bike are protected and this is exactly what our Smart Locker will do. Use it for long-term or short-term parking, leave extra gear like helmets or backpack or riding shoes with your bike. And, as with all of our smart solutions, open, close and book the locker from your phone or with your card. 

Forget key and user management that devours resources 

Instead, manage everything from a centric admin system, where you can make the rules the way you need them! By losing physical keys you will not have to deal with the hassle of replacing them. The shared management system will ensure the most optimal use of the space on your property.

Beautiful and customizable design options enable them to fit perfectly into the surrounding environment, while specially chosen materials ensure maximum security and protection from weather conditions such as snow, wind and rain. This was important for the Andorra Guarda TOT location, where lockers were installed this month. They wished to have an elegant secure solution that would be opened without physical keys.

Lockers are equipped with Bikeep smart locking technology, which enables App or RFID card-based access, thus enabling shared usage of the lockers, monetizing bike parking and giving the operator a full insight into the usage of the system. Bike lockers also have the optional e-charging add on to enable e-bike charging while the vehicle is parking.

E-bike charging possibilities becoming essential for users

Highly efficient use of energy, powerful solutions

  • Works with line power and solar based systems, has battery power readiness
  • Bikes can be charged with linepower: (110AC/230AC) sockets added
  • Electronic management system enables highest security without having the need for any clumsy manual locks.
  • Possibility to setup a pay per use system
  • Bike detection sensors can be added
  • All lockers come with 24/7 Bikeep customer support
  • External API–run everything from a unified system

“We designed the lockers carefully analysing the market situation, collecting feedback from locker users and our clients. We understood that the clients wished for a more technological solution, the main need being the possibility to manage the use in one centric panel. After meticulously working on the development of a smart locker solution with the whole team, I am confident that we managed to exceed the expectations. We managed to provide a clever approach that saves space, money and is the safest way to park your bike long-term. 

Supermarkets, campuses and other facilities can offer their cyclists a secure possibility in different weather conditions, charge per use or any other form of fee or offer the solution to attract cyclists. Whereas the customer no longer has to carry along heavy unsafe locks, can charge their ebike, also with solar energy- this will become very important in the following years,” Kristjan Lind, Bikeep CEO assured.

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