Enable micromobility on your property with our award-winning highly secure bike racks.

Bikeep options for bike parking
RFID/NFC cards

Our locking system can be integrated with any transportation or access card.

Phone call

You can use Bikeep stations with a simple phone call.

Mobile application

Our system can be integrated with different mobile applications.

Super safe bike rack ground plates
Galvanized steel frame

Strong frame with adjustable width.

Adjustable legs

Can be installed to non-smooth grounds.

Transportable and modular

Easy to relocate or add new docks.

Solar panel option for bike barking
Innovative Design

Bikeep with solar looks amazing in front of everything.

Automatic system

No need for cables. Can be placed anywhere where is sun.

Environmentally friendly

Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases.

Smart bike racks for public, private or commercial use. Claim your free demo and we will guide you through our success stories.

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Our smart bike racks help businesses and public areas achieve their long-term goals and overcome their challenges in micromobility. Over 10 years of experience, satisfied long-term clients and zero bike thefts, we are the leading smart bike rack manufacturer you want to partner up with. Claim your free video call and let’s make your property stand out!

Safe bike parking features shown
RFID card reader

Bikeep can be integrated with any transportation or access card.

Loudspeaker alarm

If someone tries to steal a bike, the whole neighbourhood will know.

Galvanized steel bar

Locks the bike from the wheel and from the frame.

Connected to internet

Distress signal forwarding and live usage overview.


Micromobility solutions


Happy users


Bike thefts