Colonial Parking is proud of its history of providing innovative solutions to customers and clients all over the Washington DC Metro area. With the rise in micromobility and focus on sustainable commuting options, Colonial is expanding its parking offerings to bikes and scooters in cooperation with San Francisco-based Bikeep Inc. 

The expected rise in micromobility vehicles globally has increased the need to provide parking to every method of commute, including bikes, e-bikes and scooters.

The available infrastructure offered is easy to use: guests lock their bike or e-scooter, either through the Bikeep mobile app or by scanning a building access card on the devices, and then secure their vehicle with a steel bar. The stations also carry a loudspeaker alarm and camera surveillance and will forward any distress signal so that a responsible party can act immediately to a potential theft attempt. 

Adding bike and scooter storage means providing value to customers by providing safe, secure and easy-to-use technology solutions for bikes and scooters that can be utilized on daily, weekly and even monthly schedules. It enables businesses to offer an additional level of security and amenity to tenants and guests, while also putting the focus on sustainable commuting options. 

By providing proper infrastructure to tenants, accessibility and overall building image improves significantly. Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind explains: “We have examples, where, the number of cyclists increases three times compared to the region’s average, and the perceived, general attractiveness of properties exceeds expectations after the installations. People love to move around differently but I feel that it inherently comes down to the freedom to choose. For example, if I want to drive my car to work but then get around the city by bike once I arrive, it creates a significant difference in my commute, reduces my carbon footprint, gives me a chance to move around more conveniently and allows me to not worry about rush hour traffic while going for lunch.”

Bikeep is operating in 21 countries through partners or local subsidiaries and has over 10 years of infrastructure expertise in smart solution technology. 

 “Colonial Parking aims to be ahead of the curve in providing innovative parking solutions for any vehicle type. This relationship between Colonial Parking and Bikeep is part of our extensive plan to enable even more convenient micromobility solutions, like bike parking, scooter rental possibilities, car sharing and other methods of transport to help our clients provide the best parking experiences for tenants and employees,” explains William Cook, Colonial Parking’s President and COO. 

About Colonial Parking Inc.©: Colonial Parking is a local, family-owned parking operator dedicated to providing comprehensive market presence and unparalleled service to customers throughout Washington, DC, Suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia. They currently operate over 290 parking facilities in the DC Metro area and pride themselves on innovation in everything they do.

About Bikeep: Bikeep is an award-winning global micromobility enabler. The company provides e-bike charging stations and secure bike parking facilities globally – operating in 21 different countries. Its technology has been successfully used by BART since 2017 to fight against soaring bike theft and to increase bike usage.

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