During Tallinn Innovation Day Bikeep introduced the solution of smart bicycle rack that provides electric bicycle charging. 

“Electric bikes are a fast developing trend and we have to be accompanied with it. Starting from today it is possible to order Bikeep smart bike racks with EV-charging. It is possible to choose between two options: bike racks with a certain charger or with a universal charger,” said Kristjan Lind, CEO of Bikeep.

After 6 months of developing and testing, Bikeep has launched smart bike racks with electric bike charging. The solution will be available for the most popular e-bikes. “As the e-bike sales show double-digit growth in the main markets it presents the real the interest in using e-bikes. We want to provide the best solutions for our customers,” said Oliver Nuut, Estonian country manager of Bikeep.

First electric bike charging stations are expected to be installed in July, 2017.

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