Bikeep opens up a new solar-powered station in SF


MAY 2, 2017

Bikeep, the company building smart bike racks to reduce bike theft, today announced the installation of a new station in front of one of the biggest fitness centers in San Francisco.

The new solar-powered station will be available for all Fitness SF gym users and can be used with the same access card as for entering the fitness center. “A total of $125,000,000 worth of bikes gets stolen annually in the US. That makes 3 bikes in a minute. As more and more people are using e-bikes, it is important to have secure bike parking all over the city. The installation in front of Fitness SF is just a beginning”, said Kristjan Lind, CEO of Bikeep.

The station is equipped with the barcode reader so that anyone who is visiting the gym can use the Bikeep station. “By just scanning the card once, the dock will be chosen for you and you can lock up your bike”, said Meelis Haidak, CTO of Bikeep. “Later, when returning from the gym, just scan the card once again and your bike will be unlocked.”

About Bikeep

Bikeep is a secure electronic bike rack with built-in locks and e-bike charging capability. It is the most secure way to lock your bike on the street. The bike is locked from the frame and from the wheel with a large steel bar. We believe that parking a bike should be as easy as riding a bike, that’s why we created the smart rack. No bike has ever been stolen from Bikeep.

Social media

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Media contacts

Mart Laul
Director of Business Development
Bikeep Inc.
+372 52 03 490

New installation in front of Fitness SF

New installation in front of Fitness SF

Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind explain how SF Fitness station works (San Francisco, CA)


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