Cyclepods, the supplier of Bikeep smart bicycle parking and charging solutions in the UK launched a secure smart bicycle parking station in the University of Hertfordshire, where both students and the staff can move around with zero carbon dioxide emissions on the campus. 

The smart stations will enable the university to measure usage, monitor popular parking times and plan the activities around campus mobility more effectively. For students and employees, the possibility to park and charge their bikes securely only using an app offers a major relief in moving around the campus fast, healthy and will help to abandon the need for private cars.

Safe and app-based parking solutions for bikes and e-bikes have shown good results in increasing the overall bicycle use on the campus for other Bikeep partners like the UCLA (University of California) in the USA, Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind noted: “As campuses are large, the students and the staff need to be able to move around the campus easily with less effort. We have seen the trend of switching over to bikes, especially e-bikes instead of cars as the stations are installed. 

In some of our success stories, we’ve seen the increase of bicycle use increase three times compared to the regional average. If you multiply these campuses, you have a significant impact on the overall climate change strategy.”

Cyclepods have seen the movement towards sustainable travel empowered by recent years’ events, and feel the UK is ready to start making large-scale changes in improving cycling and walking in the forthcoming years. David Leach, MD of Cyclepods said: “Enabling micro-mobility across the UK is a huge priority for us, as is bringing traditional cycle storage into the 21st century. The Bikeep smart dock shows how app-based technology can be used to create innovative and efficient cycle parking networks over a large area. 

Providing these easily accessible cycling facilities across campuses the University of Hertfordshire helps students to create healthier, more sustainable travel habits. Our hope is that these habits continue past university, and that younger generations will rely less on car use in favour of eco-friendly travel.”

Projects like this couldn’t come at a more suitable time, with Glasgow’s COP26 climate summit being held in November, bringing together all great minds in order to improve the climate and moderate all effects around it. 

Bikeep has over 1M users globally, recently the company raised over USD 3M  to maximize it’s presence in the US, expanding and uniting all solutions through its smart solutions and IoT. The company provides smart parking and charging solutions and technology in over 21 countries.

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