Bikeep closed an investment round for 3M USD to bring bike parking to 21st century. The company is known for its smart infrastructure for e-bike and e-scooter charging and parking. The funds will be used to build up a partnership network with local companies to bring Bikeep stations to cities across the US. 

As micromobility usage is skyrocketing in the cities Bikeep is providing the necessary infrastructure to enable more efficient use of e-bikes and e-scooters. The company is providing smart locking systems for existing bike locker programs eg. British Columbia-based TransLink is using Bikeep IoT to create an on-demand bike locker program where cyclists can purchase daily or monthly passes through the Bikeep mobile app.

Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind said that Bikeep is moving towards tech at a faster pace with still providing hybrid solutions of physical products and technology, laying out a strong partnership system with transit companies, municipalities, companies and real estate developers.

Better land use as primary efficiency driver 

The company challenges the ideology that parking space is permanent or set in stone. Instead, by adding their smart IoT, lockers can be shared among users: the on-demand solution.

“One of the most underrated elements with bike parking and charging is the efficient land use. The already existing lockers and bike parking garages sit vacant while other cyclists are struggling to find a place in high-density areas like transit stations and city centers. The average transit station has over a thousand lockers that are managed with a physical key, resulting in vacancy times exceeding 80%. We feel the lockers could be smarter and land used more efficiently with the help of technology,” Lind stresses.

Bikeep keeps launching its own infrastructure for e-bike and scooter charging and safe parking as well. Bikeep’s solutions have been implemented in more than 20 countries already with proven success cases from the US, Europe and New Zealand. 

Kristjan Lind sees the pace taking up a speed creating urgency with micromobility growth with CAGR of 17.4% from 2021 to 2030: “We need to think how our future cities will look and function like. The car-centric approach is declining and as more and more people turn to more sustainable methods of transportation, our mission is to provide them with the infrastructure, support and ecosystem that will encourage them to use bicycles and scooters as the primary means of transportation.”

He states that by building integrated systems where Bikeep is delivering the user and administrator-facing applications combined with its own IoT and physical infrastructure elements, the best user experience for all related parties is provided – just like Apple OS working on Apple’s own hardware.

At the same time, the company is partnering with other infrastructure manufacturers to enable them to use our locking systems and applications, so that all manufacturers are able to make their existing products connected and smart.

Bikeep has shipped products and services to over 21 countries in Q1 2021 alone. The next steps are to provide the IoT and platform services globally to enable faster growth. With the Funderbeam platform round, with investors being the company’s clients and service users, Bikeep’s valuation has increased to 15,9M USD. 


Company introduction:

Bikeep is an award-winning global micromobility enabler. The company provides e-bike and scooter charging stations and secure bike parking facilities globally – operating in 21 different countries. Its technology has been successfully used by municipalities, companies, campuses, commercial and residential real estate to fight against soaring bike theft and to increase bike usage.

With the increasing demand for e-bike charging stations and secure parking possibilities,  the company is actively looking for partners and resellers in the US.

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