In the Roskilde Municipality, two-wheeled and three-wheeled bicycles are popular modes of transportation to one of the three railway stations. However, it can be challenging to park these pedal-powered vehicles in the bicycle racks at the stations as they are often targeted by thieves.

To address this issue, the municipality has now provided covered parking spaces for cargo and regular bikes at the Roskilde, Trekroner, and Viby stations. Moreover, secure bike parking station has been set up where you can lock your two-wheeled bike to prevent theft. The bike is secured with a strong rack, and for electric bikes, it is possible to charge their batteries.

Mayor Tomas Breddam, who brought his electric bicycle to test the charging and locking options, said, “Having the ability to charge your bike is convenient, especially if you’re coming from a long distance to the station.” The locking options are secured with a chip card of your choice, such as a travel card, payment card, or employee card. It is also possible to park a bicycle with the Bikeep app.

Mayor Tomas Breddam has locked his electric bike to the rack using his travel card as the key. He was instructed by Jens Peter Hansen from Bikeep, who supplied the racks. (Photo: Jan Partoft)

Claus Larsen, the chairman of the Planning and Engineering Committee, stated, “We have established secure bike racks and cargo bike parking to encourage people to cycle to and from the three stations.”

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