Bike sales are forecasted to peak to 300 million by 2030. Instead of massive car parks, there will be a need for bicycle parking possibilities, which will increase the usage of bikes even more. Rae County is a forerunner in providing the proper infrastructure in the area and has piloted with Bikeep parking stations.


“In recent years, Rae County has added almost 12 km of micromobility lanes. Our schools and kindergartens have stations for bike and scooter parking and we see the rise in usage, they are often used instead of the school buses and cars. Therefore it came naturally for us to provide more infrastructure to bikes, especially since we have the Ampler bicycle factory and Spot of Tallinn are located here.  The first Bikeep station is very symbolical because it is located in the heart of Rae County and will be used very ofter,” Tanel Tammela, Rae County Deputy Manager explained.


The future plan is to provide Bikeep parking possibilities in all strategical transportation touch points in the near future to provide people with bike parking wherever they need.


Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind said that it has become very popular for municipalities to enable micromobility for their residents. “The immense work done in order to create a more sustainable future, is exciting and rewarding for every local resident! The possibilities to move around without cars will create a better environment for everyone because it reduces pollution, raises the feeling of unity, has great health benefits and makes the future more sustainable. Cyclists want to move around with bikes not just to workout but to commute in their everyday activities. If we want to create a better more sustainable future both locally and globally, more attention needs to be brought to the micrombility movement and start making changes in our everyday life. There are more bikes than cars, we need to create the same parking possibilities and infrastructure,”  he added. 


Lind refers to the three cycling organisations news release early this December. According to the news release, more than 300 million bikes and e-bikes will be sold in the next decade. The proper infrastructure and parking possibilities will be needed to work on already today to benefit from the increase of cycling globally. 


The first station is located in the Center of the county and is a gift to Rae County’s 155th birthday. 

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