The smart city concept’s advocate and developer Addix and global micromobility enabler Bikeep have established a partnership to tackle the multimodal public transportation challenge in partnership cities of Tallinn, Kiel and San Francisco. The collaboration will be celebrated with the first Bikeep smart dock station near Kiel’s central transportation hub. Near the ferry, central train- and bus station the Smart Dock Bike racks enable a fluent transition from one vehicle to another and focused even more on clean transportation.

It is one of the many initiatives of a wider smart city concept both companies are keen on popularizing all over the areas. Addix participates in the Clean Autonomous Public Transport project (CAPTn) in Kiel and the Kiel Fjord. Building infrastructure and a ferry to integrate waterways into the mobility of a city is one important step to reduce carbon emissions and help citizens move around in a green and more sustainable way.

“Clean Autonomous Public Transport is essential for Smart Mobility, but needs to include all kinds of transportation, especially bikes. We are proud to work together with Bikeep to integrate secure and smart bike lockers into our digital infrastructure for Smart Cities and held cities worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions and become climate neutral”, summarizes Björn Schwarze, CEO of ADDIX. 

Mobility stations and hubs are becoming more popular globally since municipalities cannot accommodate the car influx that has a devastating effect on cities’ inhabitants’ health, carbon footprint and urban environment. Skyrocketing bike sales indicate the need for a strong and thought-through infrastructure that people are willing to use. E-bikes also called “the second cars” will need stations for charging.

Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind emphasizes the need for a change: “The smart city concept is more than digitalization and convenience, it is the foundation of a better more sustainable future. When cities like Paris change the whole center pushing cars to the perimeter, what is stopping others? We should thrive for a better smarter urban environment and I am extremely thrilled to do that with a partner like Addix that has taken the smart city concept to actualization in many projects like this.”

ADDIX and Bikeep established their technology partnership with the inauguration of the Smart Dock bike racks at the Hörncampus Kiel on 28th of April 15:00. In the future, mobile residents of Kiel can safely store their bikes here and charge their e-bikes for free at two of the five stations at the same time. The bikes are kept safe from theft. It can be used with an NFC / RFID card or app and is also free of charge.

The project is one of the steps towards Smart City Kiel and promoting alternative mobility concepts. 

ADDIX Internet Services GmbH is an IT services provider with many years of experience, especially in the field of ​​urban WiFi, FIWARE software development and Smart City. We are a competent enterprise with an extensive portfolio: internet access, distribution and maintenance (WLAN, LoRaWAN, bi-directional radio), data center and software.

On the basis of several practical projects in the field of Smart City and IoT, ADDIX has been able to gain valuable experience in the field of IoT over the last few months, and to build up and gain professional competence in the team. In the CAPTN project, the focus of the development is ​​local passenger transport. ADDIX role is on real-time data acquisition, data transfer and storage to create the necessary data for real time AI-based recommendations.

Bikeep is an award-winning global micromobility enabler. The company provides e-bike charging stations and secure bike parking facilities globally – operating in 16 different countries. Its technology has been successfully used by municipalities, companies, campuses and residential real estate to fight against soaring bike theft and to increase bike usage.

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