Boston Properties recently introduced bicycle parking at Reston Town Center in Reston, VA to help their tenants and customers tackle public transportation challenges and restrictions brought by the pandemic. 

The company is the first in the Washington DC region to partner with Bikeep, the San Francisco-based micromobility enabler and advocate in over 20 countries. 

The FABB (Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling) has reviewed the stations as a solution to fewer cars in the Town Center: “FABB commends Boston Properties for experimenting with these new, innovative racks. We think that they will prove useful and add another reason for locals to bike rather than drive to Town Center. We encourage riders to try them out.” 

The stations were installed at the end of spring and are available for anyone who wants to commute via bike to the Reston Town Center. The stations enable to lock and dock the bike from the frame and front wheel for maximum security. They are opened and closed with a contactless card or mobile app for free. The Bikeep stations also carry a loudspeaker alarm and camera surveillance.

Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind is thrilled that the partnership has been smooth and innovation-led: “The DC area is one of the most business-centric places in the US, it is appreciated by so many commuters that they are taken care of and not alone when they cannot rely on other means of transportation. Cycling is the healthiest, most sustainable means of commute and we are going to see the micromobility transform cities in the upcoming months as people are returning to work. I am particularly happy to have such a strong partnership with Boston Properties.”

Bikeep manufactures and develops smart bike docks that also work as charging stations for e-bikes. The company is already involved with smart city concepts in Germany, Denmark, and others, and hopes to further expand its presence in the DC region.

Due to skyrocketing bike sales and limited availability, micromobility is at its peak, deservingly so since the problem it can solve is globally significant. In addition, the global pandemic has put many in difficult situations, whether it is the isolation of home offices or limited access to public transportation, both of which cycling is proven to be the best solution. In addition, the strategy is led by the larger value system Boston Properties has established in pursuit of sustainability and implementing environmental-friendly solutions.


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Bikeep is an award-winning global micromobility enabler. The company provides e-bike charging stations and secure bike parking facilities globally – operating in 21 different countries. Its technology has been successfully used by BART since 2017 to fight against soaring bike theft and to increase bike usage.

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