Bikeep expands its operations to the UK


July 26, 2017

Bikeep, the company building smart and secure bike racks, is expanding its Zero Theft Bike Rack to the UK market. Already proven its racks security in the US and Northen Europe without any bike thefts – the UK is going to be the next in line. “Bicycle thefts in Cambridge, Oxford and Central London are catastrophic… More than 100 million pounds worth of bikes are stolen annually in the UK” says Kristjan Lind, Chief Executive Officer, Bikeep.

Bikeep has already installed more than 1000 racks in 8 countries. “In the next couple of years, we are planning to add couple hundred stations to the UK as well to reduce bike theft drastically,” says Kristjan Lind, CEO, Bikeep.

So far municipalities, transit agencies, universities and local businesses have been adding Bikeep racks next to their buildings to increase bicycle usage and to eliminate bike theft. Loudspeaker alarm, surveillance camera and distress signal forwarding will provide extra security for bicycles. The racks can be integrated with local municipality cards, any access cards or with a mobile application.

“Most of the people prefer to ride with their own bikes because of the comfort. Therefore, our racks will provide a great alternative to bike sharing. The racks are designed to fit most of the bikes and e-bikes between our square-shaped locking bar” says Lind. “It is also possible to integrate e-bike charging to our racks so that the cyclists can return to a fully charged bike.”

Bikeep will first start implementing its racks in London, targeting real estate developers, shopping centres and municipality but will also work with all the interested parties in the whole UK.

About Bikeep

Bikeep offers a solution that enables to lock all mass-produced bicycles, charge e-bikes and act as P2P bike share platform. The company has a mission to stop bike theft globally and a vision for the people to share a personal bike while they are not using it if they wish to do so.

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Media contacts

Mart Laul
Director of Business Development
Bikeep Inc.
UK: +44 20 3097 1713
US: +1 (415) 625-3053

Solar-powered Bikeep station in San Francisco

Bikeep at Bay Area Rapid Transit station (California)


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