Bikeep becomes FABB Partner to get more people on bikes

January 21, 2022 – Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling is pleased to announce that Bikeep, the leading smart bike parking provider, has committed to supporting FABB’s work by becoming a Corporate Partner. FABB and Bikeep are both dedicated to getting more people on bikes. One of the key points in achieving that is providing secure, convenient bike parking. Bikeep has bike parking installations around the world, including 6 smart parking dock stations (50 docks total) and 1 smart locker station (12 lockers) in the Reston Town Center.

Bikeep smart docks and lockers are activated by using either the Bikeep app, your Metro SmartTrip or any other contactless card. Using the app you can easily check whether docs or lockers are available. Once you reach your destination, simply open the app, select the station and choose an open dock or locker. You have over a minute to park the bike. No need to carry a heavy bike lock. If using a locker, you can also store your helmet and other small items in the locker. Once you are ready to leave, simply reverse the process.

Bikeep is an award-winning global micromobility enabler. The company provides secure micromobility parking and charging facilities globally – operating in 21 different countries. Its technology has been successfully used by BART since 2017 to fight against soaring bike theft and to increase bike usage. @Bikeep

Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling has worked since 2005 to improve conditions for bicyclists in Fairfax County, and independent localities within the county, to promote bicycling as a viable and safe means of transportation that is environmentally friendly, economically beneficial, healthful, and enjoyable.

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