Belgrade is one of the metropolises that now support micromobility working towards a more sustainable future. Belgrade gets the first smart station for parking and charging both electric and regular bicycles and scooters in one of the most famous places in Kalemegdan. 

The project “Točkologija” recognized that more and more citizens accept alternative modes of transport due to the pandemic but also that the number of initiatives to reduce the emission of harmful gases from vehicles in traffic is increasing in the area.

The smart city type station opens and closes using a smartphone or contactless card, enabling people to use it without their own locks will welcome people to use it free of charge. It combines secure parking and charging electric bikes and is located in the legendary Kalemgdan. The stations are encouraging people to bike and use scooters instead of driving cars to sightsee and other recreational activities in the area.

The station has four levels of security: steel construction, video surveillance, siren and signal forwarding in case of attempted theft. Bikeep has been called “zero theft bike racks” by the Bay Rapid Transit in the US for its maximum security measurements and excellent results all over the world. Attempts of theft are minimised giving people confidence when parking their bikes and gradually switching over to bike commute for their trips inside the city.

“In this way, we want to enable the free movement of users from home to work and back, and to make sure that their vehicle is safely stored and charged at all times,” Marko Arambasic, the initiator of the project said.

‘This project is extremely important for me personally, not only as an investor but also as a citizen of Belgrade, where my family lives, works and plays. We were the first in a series of stations to demonstrate that something like this is feasible through the joint work of the public and private sector, but the main challenge is yet to come – to make green stations come to life all over the city! “

He invited other entrepreneurs, municipalities, advertisers and companies to join the green initiative to make the stations accessible to everyone across the city. Together we can create positive change and improve the quality of life in our city. “We need only a little joint effort for a better tomorrow,” he added.

The young eco-startup “ePark 011” led by Marko Arambasic, founded during COVID when many newly established companies shut down, launched an initiative for a green station from its own funds with the consent of the Republic Institute for Monument and Culture and JKP Kalemegdan.


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