BART starts a pilot program with zero theft bike racks from Bikeep


June 13, 2017

A cyclist does not have to carry along their personal locks anymore, can now park their bikes securely with just a swipe of a Clipper card and it’s free of charge for them.

Bikeep, the company building smart and secure bike racks, announced today the first pilot station installation for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to reduce bike theft in their stations. The first Bikeep installation for BART is now installed at 16th Street Station in San Francisco and available to use for everyone owning a Clipper card.

“The newer pattern … is disturbing. U-locks are not impregnable; you can get through them, and unfortunately, people have learned how to do that,” says Steve Beroldo, Manager Access Programs at BART. Kristjan Lind, Chief Executive Officer, Bikeep answers “Our smart racks have industrial grade steel bars, loudspeaker alarm, distress signal forwarding to local security and surveillance camera – so far out of 1 million parking sessions we haven’t had a single bike theft incident. “

BART requires online registration from cyclists to use Bikeep stations. “As people are abandoning their bikes, BART is liable to get in touch with the owner before removing the bike from the station”, said Mr. Lind. “Bike parking will be free for all users and continuous parking is limited for 24 hours.” Registration link can be found on BART website.

BART has already decided to install the Bikeep system to their Pleasant Hill station as well and is currently considering new sites. Bikeep is expanding its smart bike rack systems across the Bay Area with installations to local retailers and real estate developers/managers.

About Bikeep

Bikeep is a San Francisco based start-up that focuses on personal bike parking technology. The company bootstrapped its operations until late 2016 and managed to start US operation with just $100 000 investment. In 2017 the company is planning to secure $2 Million dollar investment to scale business across the US.

Bikeep offers a solution that enables to lock all mass-produced bicycles, charge e-bikes and act as P2P bike share platform. The company has a mission to stop bike theft globally and a vision for the people to share a personal bike while they are not using it if they wish to do so.

Social media

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Media contacts

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Director of Business Development
Bikeep Inc.
US: +1 (415) 625-3053
EU: +372 520-3490

Bikeep in BART station

People already using Bikeep in BART station

Bikeep at 16th Street BART station

Bikeep at 16th Street BART station


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