With the rapid rise in micromobility, empowered by restrictions on public transportation at the beginning of the pandemic and social distancing, new needs regarding infrastructure continue emerging.  Including the need to find smarter solutions in one ecosystem and the control for amenities regarding real estate. 

The two companies, Mosino and Bikeep joined forces in an attempt to bring micromobility solutions to residential and commercial real estate, offering a seamless experience in using all services based on the current needs. 

With private car ownership decreasing, new possibilities are offered in residential areas as well as at the workplace.  The expectations on the storage and charging for e-bikes are also on the rise since high-end bikes need a more secure option compared to regular older bikes. 

The platforms combined offer a full and convenient online/in-app experience from parking your bike or e-scooter to managing your living space with all your smart home devices and building services including doors, intercoms, purchases and deliveries, to even booking a spa day!  

Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind sees future cities as well-connected smart solutions “Bikeep has been providing the best experience regarding micromobility vehicle parking, charging and repair stations for almost a decade now, it is natural to add this to the more general smart city concept of a larger scale and showcase all the smart city possibilities,” he said. 

“Offering delightful and meaningful user experiences is what Mosino’s foundation is built upon. The seamless integration with Bikeep is the next step in the evolution of the platform to help build truly connected and sustainable Smart communities,” said Zeeshan Butt, Mosino President.  

This partnership will add a new value proposition for both companies and create an organic experience for all users.  Whether they’re trying to find new places to dine and shop or want to charge their micromobility vehicle, it’s all available through the Mosino One app. 

Company introductions:

Mosino is a leading Canadian-based community platform provider.  Mosino has over 10 years of providing digital concierge services and smart home solutions in 5 countries servicing Hospitality, Multifamily, Student Housing, Retirement Homes and Healthcare.  Mosino One is a unique solution that provides the perfect blend between concierge services and smart home tech, packaged into one simplified, user-friendly platform.  From the street to the suite, Mosino is connecting users to properties like never before. 

Bikeep is an award-winning global micromobility enabler.  The company provides e-bike charging stations and secure bike parking facilities globally – operating in 21 different countries. Its technology has been successfully used by BART since 2017 and Canadian TransLink from 2020 to fight against soaring bike theft and to increase bike usage.  Bikeep is operating in over 21 countries through partners or local subsidiaries and has over 10 years of infrastructure expertise in smart solution technology. 

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