Terms and Conditions for Using

Bikeep Bike Houses

  1. General
    1. General Terms and Conditions for using Bikeep apply when using Services by Bikeep.
    2. Supplemental country or city-specific (​ “Service Area” ​) terms applicable in the area where the Service is used. 
    3. The Service is using the Bike House provided by Bikeep for parking Bikes.
    4. On the basis of this Agreement, Bikeep grants the User the right to use the Bike House space for a specified period of time and to provide the Service. 
    5. Parking session is the time the bike is parked safely in Bikeep House.  
    6. Bikeep offers safe parking for bikes and does not assume responsibility for abandoned bikes.
    7.  Bikeep does not assume responsibility for stolen or damaged bikes.
    8. Bikeep provides Service via RFID/NFC card, via Mobile Application and other („Means of starting the parking session“), which is used to open a Bike House. 
    9. User is the person who concludes the Service using the Bike House.
  2. Parking conditions
    1. The parking begins when the User notifies the start of parking via means of starting the parking sessions.
    2. The Parking time ends when the User notifies the end of the parking via chosen starting method.
    3. The User can reserve the parking place in the Bike House. The maximum reservation time and related fees are (if any) info is shown in the Mobile App.
    4. The maximum suggested time for parking in the Bike House is 72 hours.
    5. Bikeep has the right to remove bikes if they have been in the Bike House for 90 days. In case Bikeep has removed the bike, the owner of the bike can get back ones bike for handling fee of 30€ in 4 months from the removal. After 4 months Bikeep has the right to utilise the removed bike.
    6. When using Bikeep Bike Houses the User is obliged to: 
      1. Use the Bike House only for parking a normal-size bike; 
      2. Use the Bike House with reason and not disturb others; 
    7.  When the parking time is over, the User is obliged to pay the necessary fees (if applied) and free the Bike House.