Terms and conditions for using Bike Dock

  1. General
    • General Terms and Conditions of Bikeep apply when using Services by Bikeep
    • The Service is using the Bike Docks provided by Bikeep for parking Bikes.
    • Parking session is the time the bike is parked safely in Bikeep Docks.
    • On the basis of this Agreement, Bikeep grants the User the right to use the Bike Dock space for a specified period of time and to provide the Service.
    • Bikeep offers safe parking for bikes and does not assume responsibility for abandoned bikes.
    • Bikeep provides Service via RFID/NFC card, via Mobile Application and other, which is used to open a free Bike Dock, which also includes the display of free, reserved and busy Bike Dock spaces on the Map.
    • User is the person who concludes the Service using the Bike Docks.
  1. Parking conditions
    • The parking begins when the User notifies the start of parking via Mobile App, via RFID/NFC card.
    • The Parking time ends when the User notifies the end of the parking via chosen starting method.
    • The User can reserve the parking place in the Bike Rack. The maximum reservation time and related fees are (if any) info is shown in the Mobile App.
    • Bikeep has the right to remove bikes if these have been in the Bike Station for more than 7 days. In case Bikeep has removed the bike, the owner of the bike can get back ones bike within 6 months from the removal.
    • When using Bikeep Bike Racks the User is obliged to:
      • Use the Bike Rack only for parking a normal-size bike;
      • Use the Bike Rack with reason and not disturb others;
    • When the parking time is over, the User is obliged to pay the necessary fees (if applied) and free the Bike Rack.