Bike to work
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How do we support cycling to work?

Bikeep supports regular cycle commuting because it makes our community happier, healthier, and wealthier.

We have established some simple rules and rewards to make the commuting process enjoyable for team members.

We give a bike – Bikeep enables each team member to get the bike they need by subsidizing the purchase with 250€
We make it FUN – creating internal competitions for team members to motivate each other to cycle more
We share the love – Sharing our precious moments in form of my cycling moments photos in an internal Slack channel
We just pay for you to cycle – for every trip over 25 minutes each team member will receive 4€


Kilometers covered


Tones of CO2 saved


Participating employees


Share your bike-to-work moments with us. Use the hashtag #bike2work and tag @bikeep.official on Instagram.

Enjoy a ride and keep your bike safe with Bikeep.

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And Make Sure Your Bike Is Safe While You Working

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