Drive change with solutions that fit your vision

Reducing your carbon footprint is a must. However, sustainability projects face a lot of challenges – initiatives run over budget, don't achieve their goals and state-of-the-art products go underutilized.

At Bikeep we have thought a lot about this lately and as a result, we came up with solutions that drive true change, are cost-effective and can be tailored to your operational and strategic needs.

We help you be more sustainable in a disciplined and a cost-effective manner

24x ROI

You get 24x Return on Investment with cycling infrastructure solutions like Bikeep when including reduced congestion and additional health benefits. (Source)

5x ROI

You get 5x Return on Investment as reported by the Queensland government even without taking into account reduced congestion and additional health benefits. (Source)

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Solve persistent, underlying problems with a proven and clear process

We first uncover your deep-founded infrastructure problems. Secondly, we tailor our solution to solve them. After the implementation, we keep working – bringing new insights and improvements to your team.

A sample of organizations just like yours making a big impact globally with Bikeep: