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Bikeep has been building Smart Infrastructure for Micro mobility for the last 8 years. We have decided to enable the same Smart IoT Units the hardware manufactures, with readily available and proven devices, business logic, payments, online management, public APIs ... so that we can all push the industry forward faster.

Smart Unit

Electromechanical unit, that is built for lockers.
Readily available business logic and configuration options for the Locker.

Smart unit features

IoT controller that will bring your lockers online and allow direct access through an online dashboard remotely.

Lock that works out of the box. Mechanical adjustments for locker doors must be made to fix the lock and enable the electronic lock to be operated

Reliable connectivity – Dual SIM functionality guarantees mission-critical connectivity in remote areas.

Quick to deploy – no need to wait for wired Internet access deployment, the solution can be preconfigured before installation on-site.

Easy to manage – with the Bikeep console panel the system administrators can be in control of remote infrastructure with a convenient, user-friendly interface.


The Bikeep console panel allows you to conveniently manage and monitor your Stations and Lockers.

  • Device settings and configurations can be changed from the Online dashboard “Console”

  • Devices (lockers, bike docks, scooter docks) can be monitored

  • End-user usage statistics

  • Device statistics for improved reliability

  • End-user access management and whitelisting (publicly available, app access, paid access, temporary access, access by the registration form, access via 3rd service providers via Bikeep API)

  • Console access management and different access levels for different users

  • Remote device manipulation (like open/close

  • Remote access to the camera feed, event-based (start/start parking) picture triggering

  • Flexible Payment System (subscriptions, pay as go, time caps like 1h/max, 10h/max, 24/h, 30day

  • Payment reconciliation options

  • API for 3rd party connections and external management

  • Industry-standard Data Privacy

End user app

  • Viewing/searching available locations

  • Locking/unlocking dock

  • Reserva/book a dock
  • Scanning QR code with the camera (to initiate locking process)

  • Adding a credit card to the account and paying for paid parking sessions (usually free parking)

  • Registering to a private (whitelisted) location

  • Report a problem

App in google play:

App in-app store:

Contactless cards for the end users

Stations can also be accessed via contactless (NFC/RFID) cards.

Bikeep provided cards can be used, or any 13.54Mz popular city card (transportation card).

Usually requires city card provider API connect to Bikeep Whitelist API (card UID is sent to Bikeep Whitelist API).

Public API

Bikeep API provides the functionality to get locations, control devices, and query sessions that are initiated from controlling the devices.

API can be accessed in two ways – authenticating your users through Bikeep (see ‘External users’) or using your server as a proxy to all requests (service-to-service authentication user Oauth2 client credentials flow).


Bikeep Smart Unit Kit

Get your Smart Unit Kit for integration testing now

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Example how the Smart Locker can work

With the growing popularity of e-bikes, smart solutions for their storage and charging need to be provided as a part of micromobility infrastructure. With our clients, we developed the Smart Bike Locker that helps to save space thanks to its sharing system, frees you of physical keys and headache. Gives you necessary data on usage and helps with planning your next infrastructure additions.

Solar or battery powered stations enable easy installs

Putting up a station no longer requires pavement opening or complicated electricity work.

Access control and abandoned bike identification

Registered users can be easily contacted and requested to collect their property.

E-bike charging

The electric bicycle market is growing rapidly. Bikeep not only stores the bike but enables e-bike charging as well. Line power required*

Enables paid bike parking

A bike locker can be reserved in advance for an extra fee and is always available for premium users.

Smart solution-no need for physical keys

Bikeep Smart bike lockers is opened with an app or RFID card. Save time and manpower by managing everything online.

Activate monthly passes

Easy monthly pass management from console.bikeep.com

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