Build it, as you need

Modular design

Built for Micro-mobility. Built for Smart Lockers. Used in various Micro-Mobility products.

Main board + possible modules

Bikeep smart unit

IoT Core

Smart Unit (SU) controller board

Bikeep smart unit lock module

Lock module

Lock, Unlock, Mechanical override

Bikeep smart unit RFID module

RFID / NFC Reader module

13.54Mz card support

Bikeep smart unit LED module

LED indication module

Available, Unavailable, Reserved

Bikeep smart unit end-switch module

End-Switch module

Detect open/close/alarm

Bikeep Smart Unit Kit

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Smart Unit Kit

Smart Unit Controller board

Smart Unit Controller board

IoT Core

Dock controller activates lock, LEDs, alarms, detects end-switches, communicates with Contactless card reader and main controller.

Designed to be power optimal. Perhierias can be shut down (power cut off) to save power if the system is not active.

Lock manipulation

”Activated for locking” command or “Unlock” command

Activated for locking means that the controller is waiting for the lock end-switch status to be changed to a locked state

Lock status detection

Locked state, unlocked state

Alarm switch

The alarm is triggered if the switch is opened (Break Contact)

Cut wire

The alarm is triggered if the circuit is broken (Break Contact)

Piezo sound indication

Piezo sound is played for:

  • Activated for locking
  • Already locked denial sound
  • Unlock

OTA update

Dock controller has a built-in bootloader, meaning that the dock firmware can be updated Over The Air

RFID/NFC Reader Module

RFID/NFC Reader Module

Bikeep readers can read public UID for most NFC/RFID cards with 13,56MHz.

LED Indication Module

LED Indication Module

Status (indication) LED shows the current state of the smart unit.
Also features blinking while locking activated or locking status changed.
8 segment RGB LED is used.

Unavailable / Under maintenance

Lock Module

Lock Module

Easy to install and maintain rotary lock delivers the convenience of electronic access control with the security of a proven, robust, all-metal rotary latch design in a compact, integrated package.
An integrated micro switches provides feedback on latch status, and re-lock option keeps a door unlocked for manual opening/closing cycles.
Lock has manual override option for mechanical opening.

End-Switch Module

End-Switch Module

General purpose Inputs/Outputs (GPIOs) Door detection
Session can Start/Stop only when contact is Closed or Open

Alarm switch
The alarm is triggered if the switch is opened (Break Contact)

Cut wire
The alarm is triggered if the circuit is broken (Break Contact)

API integration flows

Parking flow API integration
Rental flow API integration

For more detailed information visit Bikeep API Documentation

Bikeep Dashboard

Bikeep Dashboard

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