We offer outdoor bike racks that are attractive, secure and durable. Our customers are municipalites, businesses, schools and campuses. We have also helped residential building owners offer bicycle parking to their tenants.
If you need outdoor bike parking racks for similar purposes, we are sure we can help you and probably offer you the best deal.

Bikeep smart commercial bike rack combines industrial grade steel with smart technology to safely lock front wheel and frame. You can lock your bike using mobile phone or a RFID swipe card.  No inconvenience of carrying your own lock.

The design that is most loved by cyclists. It is also the one that is most easily fixed to the ground.

Inverted U shaped bike parking rack has been voted the most beautiful by our customers.

Beautiful design and easy installation make the Spiral the most popular bike rack.

Ring 900 is a really beautiful circle shaped outdoor bike parking rack. The rings can be installed one by one, no minimum quantity