Storage sheds

Bike storage is one of the biggest unspoken problems
for urban settings where space is at a premium

A beautiful, modular design

Create a shed with the size you need by consulting our experts for a tailor-made choice for your property – be it a school, an apartment building or an office building.

Besides beautiful aesthetics and unprescedented flexiblity Bikeep’s storage sheeds offer high security and an easy installation.

Unlock via: RFID/NFC card; a mobile app; a regular key lock

Distress signals can be forwarded to a local security service

A modular design. Add new panels and features anytime

Secure Bike Storage Sheds | Glass, Wooden & Metal

Flexible Size

Bikeep bike storage sheds have a skeleton that can be extended to increase width and length as needed, so that the size fits perfectly.

Get a Glass, Wooden or Metal Bike Shed

Wide range of cover materials like wood, perforated sheet metal or smokey glass are the options that you can choose from.

Contact us and we will create a solution that fits perfectly with your needs

Designed by:
Markus Mark
Janno Nõu